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The Value of Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) in Today’s Digital Workplace

Positive employee experience drives positive customer experience. And experience-level agreements (XLAs) can help organizations boost both employee and customer satisfaction while improving relationships with IT service providers.

But there can be pitfalls.

On episode 230 of The Agile Brand podcast with Greg Kihlström, Unisys Director of Global Strategy Weston Morris discussed:

  • Common mistakes organizations make when developing and reporting on XLAs.
  • How XLAs can help transform how IT products and services are delivered.
  • The differences between XLAs and service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • How to get real value in using XLAs to improve employee experience.

Weston Morris

Weston Morris

Weston Morris leitet die globale Strategie für aufstrebende Technologien, die sich auf die Produktivität von Mitarbeitern im digitalen Bereich auswirken – einschließlich natürlicher Sprachverarbeitung, künstlicher Intelligenz, Automatisierung, Merged Reality, Virtualisierung und IoT.