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Optimization = Opportunity

Your capacity is a short-lived commodity that perishes when your aircraft departs. But what if you had the ability to optimize every flight, every space, every customer? And do so more efficiently at every stage of your operation?

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Evolved, modern cargo management solutions, informed by customer input

Unisys has been in the air cargo business for over four decades. And while longevity breeds expertise, it also demands that we evolve with you — our clients. Our solutions are built and enhanced through ongoing customer involvement, via our Unisys Cargo User Group (UCUG) to be flexible and customizable, with airtight security and end-to-end visibility across the cargo supply chain. When you partner with Unisys, you get technology to leverage your load capacity and take advantage of new revenue opportunities, solutions that help you adapt to new e-commerce requirements, and world-class customer service that's continually enhanced through customer feedback.

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Many of the world’s top airlines rely on Unisys Cargo Solutions

Air India

Our cargo business is on a growth curve and Unisys Cargo Solutions provides deeper insights through advanced data visualization of customers, load factors, campaigns etc. to help us identify new opportunities and reward loyal customers. By initiating credit control at booking we have less bad debts and ultimately more cash flow.

Nirbhik Narang
Executive Director - Cargo, Air India


Customers trust our ability to carry and handle up to one million ton of cargo annually to destinations around the globe. Due to the nature of our daily operations, we require a reliable system with broad accessibility. Unisys cloudbased Logistics Management System has given us a robust, widely available system and access to regular system updates as well as enhancements that allow us to remain competitive.

Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi
Chief Executive Officer,


TravelSky maintains and operates several critical passenger and cargo solutions used by China’s air travel and tourism industries. As China’s aviation industry continues to grow, the additional processing capacity within the robust, secure and flexible ClearPath Forward systems will enable us to process more transactions such as reservations and load calculations critical to flight safety, quickly and securely.

Zhu Xiaoxing
Vice President, TravelSky

Unisys Cargo Solutions

Unisys offers cargo solutions that streamline your cargo management, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiencies. You can choose from a comprehensive suite of products and services. Or select specific cargo services based upon your unique requirements and business drivers. Everything can be integrated with your current systems and preferred partners without full system replacements.

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Technology matters – but not as much as expertise

When you collaborate with Unisys Cargo Solutions, you’ll have the time-tested, secure technology, expertise, and proven support needed to simplify the shipment lifecycle, enter and access data from anywhere, connect with carriers worldwide, create branded bookings, integrate across multiple airlines, and optimize supply chain performance.

Make your Operation
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Make your operations fly with our secure, mobile-friendly software

Our SaaS-based software suite is solid, stable, and secure, with a new, modern interface that’s intuitive, flexible, and easy to use. It’s highly compatible with a variety of devices and accessible from any location. So your frontline personnel can perform tasks when they happen — rather than post-event. And with Unisys cargo solutions, you receive 70-80 new features each year, delivered in monthly updates with very little risk and no system downtime. The option to enable a feature is yours. And you’ll be airtight — with multiple protective layers, intrusion detection, firewalls between all tiers, and DDoS protection.

Protecting your business
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Protecting your business is our business

Unisys has a stellar reputation for building high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most demanding businesses and governments. And in more than 40 years of cargo management, our customers have experienced not a single data breach.

Your Reputation
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Your reputation is a top priority

We recognize our performance is in no small way responsible for your own brand to grow and thrive. With cargo experts in every region of the world, our teams embody and often come from all sectors of the cargo ecosystem — delivering unwavering and collaborative client support through decades of aviation industry ups and downs.

We are transparent and inclusive with product road maps. We'll do anything within the realm of possibility to respond rapidly to RFCs or solve any issues that arise. And with >99.5% service availability and sub-second average transaction response time, our team consistently far exceeds service-level agreements for all clients.

Peer collaboration drives innovation

We constantly tap into the collective wisdom and experience of you and your industry peers. Your input is actively solicited to inform new investments and improvements to best meet your requirements. The Unisys Cargo User Group (UCUG) is a powerful forum in this regard. Not only for input, but for the peer cross-pollination that we, and you, receive. To date, we’ve sponsored and participated in 70 UCUG meetings.

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