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life sciences and healthcare

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Improving patient care through advanced IT solutions

Digital innovation has played a critical role in building resiliency in the healthcare industry and among providers of life sciences services. Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies alike have turned to technology to enable virtual patient engagements and allow a globally dispersed workforce to do their jobs remotely.

But there is more work to be done. Whether you are working on groundbreaking scientific discoveries to develop life-saving vaccines and therapies, increasing agility in medical supply chains, or protecting your workers and patients, you need to accelerate and scale your organization’s adoption of digital technologies. These include tele-health, remote patient monitoring, and the use of digital channels to measure, assess, and monitor health status.

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Unisys in action

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We are constantly developing new ways of working to help Elekta’s digital innovation. Our renewed partnership with Unisys focuses on flexibility to allow for the fast adoption of new technology as we rapidly develop our digital capabilities.

Simon Telfer-Smith
CIO, Elekta

Maimonides medical center

We rely on Unisys for network and security expertise and solutions that provide information integration, flow, accuracy and availability which continuously enriches and protects our patient environment.

Walter J. Fahey
Maimonides Senior Vice President of Management Information Systems and CIO

Clients bringing new medicines to patients

Helping people through improved medicine is our mantra. Developing innovative technology and pursuing research that drives the drug development process is a key priority. We trust Unisys to provide consistent and effective support so we continuously deliver important advances to patients and shareholders.

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