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Choosing the right AI tool: Microsoft 365 Copilot vs. Bing Chat Enterprise

Oktober 12, 2023 / Rich Owen | Stacy Harder

Short on time? Read the key takeaways:

  • Microsoft is at the forefront of AI integration in the workplace with two distinct tools—Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot. Each serves a unique function; the former excels in secure, data-driven interactions and the latter focuses on AI-infused productivity within Microsoft's suite of apps.
  • Bing Chat Enterprise differentiates itself with a stringent focus on data privacy. Unlike other AI chat solutions, it ensures no retention of chat data, thereby adding an extra layer of trust for businesses concerned with data leaks.
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot isn't just another digital assistant. It elevates the user experience by effortlessly blending into Microsoft’s existing software landscape. It not only performs tasks but also helps users acquire new skills, serving as a catalyst for both individual and organizational efficiency.
  • The blog post provides a blueprint for businesses considering AI adoption. It outlines key questions on utility, data security, user access and ethical considerations to guide decision-makers in choosing the right AI service.

*Since publication, Bing Chat Enterprise has been rebranded Copilot. Copilot aims to enhance the user experience, freeing teams to focus more on meaningful work and less on the busy work.

Please note that all features of Bing Chat Enterprise, as described in this article, are now capabilities of Copilot. The content will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.*

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive and transformative forces in the modern world. It has the potential to solve some of the most complex and pressing problems organizations face, such as information overload, data analysis, content creation or knowledge gaps, and how they affect business goals and performance.
However, it also poses some challenges and risks that need to be addressed and managed. For example, the proliferation of AI technologies and solutions entering the market can create confusion and uncertainty for decision-makers and users in the workplace. 
Let’s examine Microsoft’s two groundbreaking AI-driven features and how to experiment with these technologies safely and responsibly.

Introducing Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot

Both tools are designed to transform how organizations function and manage intricate data, offering a new level of productivity and efficiency in the modern workplace. Both use a large language model (LLM) to provide natural language interaction and code generation. But let’s take a closer look at how these two independent game-changing tools can work together to elevate businesses in the digital realm.

Bing Chat Enterprise: your AI-powered workplace ally

AI tools have become a necessity in today's business landscape. According to Microsoft's Work Trend Index, a staggering 70% of employees admit they would delegate as much work as possible to AI if given the opportunity. This growing need for AI-powered tools has paved the way for the development of Bing Chat Enterprise.
Bing Chat Enterprise is a service that lets you chat with an AI agent that can answer your questions, generate content, or help you with tasks using public online data. Think of it as a smart and friendly chatbot that can talk to you about anything you want.
The unique selling proposition of Bing Chat Enterprise lies in its unwavering commitment to data protection. Unlike free AI chat tools, Bing Chat Enterprise ensures that user and business data remain shielded from potential leaks, with all interactions strictly confined within the organization. The platform does not retain chat data — even Microsoft cannot access it, reinforcing the commitment to maintaining privacy.
Bing Chat Enterprise is grounded in web data and provides complete, verifiable answers with citations. It can also produce visuals, including graphs, charts and images, and deliver efficient processes and novel ways to spark creativity, all within a secure environment. Whether organizations seek industry insights, data analysis, or creative inspiration, Bing Chat Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution that aligns with privacy and security requirements.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: empowering a new way of working

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a service that provides AI-powered productivity capabilities for Microsoft 365 customers. You can think of this tool as a personal assistant that can help you with your work by coordinating LLMs with your content in Microsoft Graph and the Microsoft 365 apps you use daily, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams and PowerPoint.
By injecting AI into these apps, Microsoft has transformed how users interact with enterprise tools and technologies. Copilot resides in the Microsoft 365 apps toolbar and is accessible through a sidebar. It functions as an assistant, taking orders and executing tasks to simplify and enhance the user experience. Its capabilities considerably outshine Clippy’s, an earlier iteration of Microsoft’s virtual assistant many of us remember.
This next generation of AI chatbots goes beyond simple conversational interactions. Microsoft 365 Copilot is designed to improve users’ existing skills while also helping them quickly master new talents.
With Microsoft 365 Copilot, users can draft documents, generate reports, create presentations, triage emails, summarize meetings and more. The integration of Copilot into Microsoft's suite of apps allows users to transition seamlessly between tasks, boosting productivity and streamlining workflows. Like any other integration, this can help remove roadblocks or resistance that may accompany challenging workloads. 

Questions to help you decide between Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot

With Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot each having very different features and benefits, how can you decide which one is more suitable for your company’s needs?  Consider the following questions:
Question Bing Chat Enterprise Microsoft 365 Copilot
What is your enterprise’s primary purpose for adopting an AI service?   I want to chat with an AI agent that can answer questions, generate content, or help with tasks using data from the public web.  I want AI-powered productivity capabilities that coordinate LLMs with my content in Microsoft Graph and the Microsoft 365 apps I use daily.
How important is data security and privacy to your business?   I want an AI service that does not retain chat prompts or responses and does not share or transfer customer data outside its tenant without consent.   I want an AI service that may share some data with third-party service providers or partners to deliver the service functionalities. It may use some data to train and improve the underlying large language models.  
How do you want your workforce to access the AI service?   I want it to be available as a standalone web app and accessed using company credentials.   I want an AI service that is integrated with Microsoft 365 and respects the security and permissions defined by me in my tenant. 
How do you want end users to interact with the AI service?   I want an AI service that uses natural language prompts and responses and provides guardrails and content filters to help employees use the service appropriately and ethically.   I want an AI service that uses natural language prompts, simplifies complex tasks and provides a copyright commitment to those who use the service or its generated output.  

Boost digital workplace productivity with Microsoft AI tools   

The introduction of Microsoft 365 Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise marks a significant step forward in workplace AI integration. By enabling users to chat with AI agents that can write content, answer questions, or simplify tasks using data from the web or your Microsoft 365 apps, these tools empower users to enhance productivity, streamline workflows and make data-driven decisions with ease. 
Importantly, they also keep your data safe and follow ethical AI principles. Bing Chat Enterprise provides a secure environment for communication and collaboration, protecting sensitive business data. Microsoft 365 Copilot revolutionizes how users interact with Microsoft 365 apps, enabling natural language prompts and simplifying complex tasks.
As organizations continue to navigate and adapt to the challenges of the digital age, the power of AI-driven tools becomes increasingly crucial. Microsoft's commitment to privacy, security and responsible AI deployment helps ensure that businesses can confidently embrace these technologies. The future of work is here, and Microsoft 365 Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise are at the forefront of this transformation, empowering users to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency in the modern workplace.
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