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New capability released allowing ClearPath OS 2200 to run on Microsoft Azure cloud

August 16, 2023

When managing mission-critical data, having a secure and reliable operating environment is essential for business continuity and success. While on-premises integrated solutions have traditionally been the go-to solution, cloud computing is a critical factor for staying competitive in the marketplace.

Recognizing the growing market demand and the transformative power of cloud technology, Unisys has released new product functionality for one of its core offerings, ClearPath® OS 2200. ClearPath® OS 2200 can now run on Microsoft Azure, helping users transition their ClearPath environments to the cloud. ClearPath® MCP operating system users have had this capability.

The cloud offers scalability and flexibility, allowing organizations to adjust resources on demand, resulting in improved performance and cost savings. Organizations that transition ClearPath to the cloud can drive innovation and digital transformation while still deriving value from their original investment in ClearPath applications and data.

A ClearPath transition to the cloud is more like a “lift and shift,” with organizations not needing to modify, refactor or recompile to get their workload up and running in a cloud environment. Once transitioned, organizations can implement additional cloud technologies to evolve, modernize and enhance existing ClearPath enterprise server applications and data. This process involves integrating cloud-based services — such as data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence — into ClearPath environments to improve performance, efficiency and agility and deliver even greater business results.

Find out how Unisys can help transition your ClearPath ecosystems to the cloud today.

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