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Navigating mission-critical innovation at ClearPath Future Matters 2023 

Oktober 25, 2023

The next wave of mission-critical innovation crested at this year’s ClearPath® Future Matters event. The one-day conference brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss ways to modernize operations, enhance security and streamline processes. 
Held September 28, 2023, at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, U.K., the Unisys event attracted high-profile clients and partners to explore best practices for shaping the future of ClearPath innovation. Beyond talking in the theoretical, the event focused on how to apply those innovations to ClearPath ecosystems, positioning organizations for long-term success. 
As the ClearPath platform provider, Unisys is uniquely positioned to guide the industry in evolving business-essential ecosystems. Vivek Gupta, global vice president of application services for Enterprise Computing Solutions at Unisys, kicked off the day of exploration, followed by more experts who discussed the latest advancements in cloud, artificial intelligence and quantum computing technologies. 
The theme of evolution continued with presentations on how organizations can: 
  • Extend the life of their mission-critical systems with mainframe application modernization  
  • Evolve their talent pools to meet organizational demands and changes 
  • Plan for the future after reviewing roadmaps for the ClearPath Master Control Program (MCP) and OS 2200 product lines 
Just as mission-critical ecosystems are interconnected, this event was a collaborative effort with partial support from Dell Technologies. In addition to Unisys experts, speakers from several partner companies, including Sightline CEO Brandon Witte and Dell Technologies’ Global Account Manager Sam Taher, also presented.  
For more information about the event and to view the sessions’ presentations, visit this year’s ClearPath Future Matters event page.