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Unisys wins 2023 IT Partner of the Year Award from National Instruments

März 20, 2024

Unisys has been crowned National Instruments' (NI) distinguished IT Partner of the Year Award for 2023. The recognition honors Unisys for completing a complex application migration and modernization project on AWS. It highlights the company’s expertise and collaborative approach to refactoring a legacy application by transitioning from WebLogic to Spring Boot to gain improved flexibility and scalability.

Unisys IT Partner Award

NI and Unisys have partnered throughout the project to overcome technical challenges from changing business situations and priorities. NI recognizes Unisys’ adaptability and resilience by consistently hitting delivery targets.

Transparent communication with stakeholders was another vital aspect in ensuring the project's success. Both teams worked together to handle dynamically changing scopes and align them with evolving requirements.

The work for this project’s pilot, first and second phases helped create a solid foundation for NI’s future application modernization endeavors. Unisys conducted extensive research across diverse technology areas, including JSF, Redis, JMS, KubeMQ, RabbitMQ and various AWS cloud-native services, enabling sound architectural decisions.

“Faced with various challenges and uncertainties, our team showed exceptional adaptability and maintained open communication. Our skillful management of evolving project scope and comprehensive research in various technologies were crucial to our success,” said Prashanth Shidlaghatta, senior director of global application services from Unisys.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Unisys is dedicated to helping organizations implement powerful cloud solutions to meet the most demanding workload requirements securely.

To learn more about how Unisys can help you seamlessly migrate and securely modernize your applications to drive cloud transformation, visit us online or contact us today.