ClearPath® - Future Matters

May 19th to 21st - 2021

ClearPath Future Matters

This site contains all the presentations from the ClearPath® Future Matters event that was held on May 19th – 21st.

The event – sponsored by our partners Dell welcomed over 170 delegates into the event over the 3 days, and we delivered 17 presentations and interactive sessions, ending on the Friday afternoon with a social event – the craft ale tasting for our European delegates.

As detailed this year we had to take the event ‘virtual’ for the first time but this enabled us to not just bring in a wider range of presenters and topics, but also new formats like ‘Ask the Engineer’ as well as providing a real ability to have virtual face to face table conversations as well, although we appreciate that it will never replace face to face engagement!

Although we unfortunately have some minor glitches over the 3 days with a hardware issue and a couple of temporary access problems on the REMO event platform, these were managed promptly with service back up after a couple of minutes and hope this didn’t detract too much.

We have captured all the presentations so that you can access not just the PowerPoint decks as with previous years, but also with the full presentations from the speakers enabling you to get more information and better context that just a slide only view. These are accessible on the links on the lh side and are grouped by day and arranged in order presented. There is also an agenda there to enable you to quickly identify and find any specific presentation.​


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