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Neurodiversity at Work Hero

Fostering an inclusive and innovative environment

Our goal is to provide support to neurodivergent candidates during the hiring process so they can find rewarding careers at Unisys.

What is the Neurodiversity at Work Program?

Unisys’ Neurodiversity at Work Program, which was launched in 2020, leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of neurodivergent people to foster an inclusive and innovative environment. We flipped the entire interview process on its head so everyone feels welcomed and heard. All barriers were eliminated through our partnership with Neurodiversity in the Workplace which gives neurodivergent individuals equal access to employment opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that Unisys is a great place to work for all employees and everyone feels valued, included and inspired.

Our selection process

Candidates are identified based upon their skills, education and experience. Instead of going through the traditional interview process, candidates are given a technical “problem” to solve which aligns with their background and skills. They have several opportunities to meet with our hiring team throughout the week-long interview process. Our process is very relaxed and gives candidates the opportunity to learn more about our organization, our culture and the role. We hold a Welcome Meeting where our hiring team introduces themselves and answers any questions or addresses any concerns that the candidates may have. Next, we host a Candidate Showcase which allows each candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves and expand upon their skills and experience. Finally, we host the Project Demonstration where the candidates present their solution to the “problem” in a comfortable group setting. Prior to these meetings, the candidates attend professional development sessions and work closely with the coaches from Neurodiversity in the Workplace to help them prepare for these sessions.

We launched our first pilot for Service Desk roles, which has been very successful, and are looking to expand into other areas of the business. All our roles are remote/home-based.

Types of roles we will be hiring for:

  • Help Desk/Service Desk
  • Networking Engineer
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
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Frequently asked questions:

Through the Neurodiversity in the Workplace organization, Unisys engages a talented pool of candidates. Unisys’ Neurodiversity program is tailored towards neurodivergent individuals looking for fulfilling career opportunities.

During the application, interview and onboarding process, our program team works closely with each candidate to determine their needs and accommodations to provide them with a positive experience. Additionally, the team provides an interview structure designed to remove unconscious bias and allow candidates to display their best skill sets.

For candidates that are hired through this process, Unisys provides mentoring and professional development to ensure success and happiness in their new role.

This program is part of our overall effort to recruit and retain a diverse team of associates. Unisys is an equal opportunity employer, and all employment decisions are made in accordance with the law.

Interested candidates should submit their resume to Please make sure to include your full name, address, phone number and email address.

All our neurodiverse positions are virtual/home-based.