Unisys Cares - Unnati

Vocational Training for Students

Unnati is a charitable institution that works towards youth empowerment through vocational training. Unnati conducts transformational programs to help the underprivileged secure stable employment. The students at Unnati are taught English, basic computer skills, life skills, and values as part of the curriculum, in addition to training in the core vocation.

Unisys India conducts educational and vocational training sessions to provide hands-on experience to the students and prepare them for their professional journey. The goal of these programs is to build confidence in students and equip them with various skills necessary for life including managing their finances, maintaining good health, investing in insurance for self and family, professional grooming etc.

Unnati Graduation Ceremony

Vocational Skills Development Session

Team Building Exercise with Unnati

Virtual Mentoring Session during Lockdown.

Volunteering at Unnati

Interactive Session at Unnati

Recognizing Students at Unnati's UNXT Program