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Unisys Security Global Channel Partner Program
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A Collaborative Partner Program

Drive growth and attract new clients by partnering with Unisys, a global leader of innovative and disruptive security technologies. Build a differentiated and game changing security practice with our award winning Stealth™ software that easily integrates with your existing solutions (or platforms). Unisys Stealth® protects sensitive systems from cyber threats with identity driven, software-defined microsegmentation.

We understand your clients require security that is Always On. They need to protect against evolving cyber threats and ensure they have a trusted and verified environment. With Unisys’ powerful suite of security solutions, clients will be able to move from crisis mode to confidence and stay out of headlines. When your clients require advanced technical and operational capabilities beyond your existing services, you need a collaborative solution provider like Unisys to help you accelerate sales while complementing your brand.

With the Unisys Global Partner Program, you:

  • Improve market share and your competitive position
  • Provide the most current and proven security products and solutions
  • Deliver a more diversified portfolio of services
  • Augment your security expertise

Your program with Unisys can include:

  • Seamless and rapid on-boarding
  • Sales enablement and technical support using mature tools and processes
  • Training in selling Unisys products and services
  • Insight from Unisys technical experts

Unisys Global Security Partner Program Tiers

Select from three channel partner tiers to design the synergistic program that aligns best with your client and business needs. Tier benefits include:

Platinum Partner
Gold Partner
Silver Partner
Sales Support Yes Yes Yes
Technical Sales Support Yes Yes Yes
Sales Enablement Yes Yes Yes
Implementation Hotline Yes Yes
Level 1 & 2 Support Services Yes Yes
Lead Generation Yes
Market Development Funds Yes
Partner Council Membership Yes