Unisys Clients - Swiss Ministry

Protecting Switzerland from criminal attack

The Business Challenge

Secure all land borders across the country and support federated policing organizations to deter national security threats.

The Solution

Unisys Border Security solutions including biometric technologies for processing entrants into Switzerland, including reporting, recording, alarming, investigation, statistics and controlling for federal border guards.

Results and Benefits

  • Arrested 3,000 ‘wanted’ persona, identified 28,000 infringements of the customs regulations and/or other laws per year
  • Seized 10,000 kg of various drugs/narcotics and identified 3,000 bogus documents per year
  • Generated USD 76m in fines for the Swiss government per year
  • Enhanced employee productivity with faster access to tools and technologies


As a land-locked country, protection of our borders is imperative to the safety of our citizens, businesses, economy – everything we do. Unisys has enabled us to strengthen our security measures through implementation of biometrics, an integral part of our move to digital government.”