Unisys Clients - Providing a Safe and Memorable Experience for World Cup Fans

Providing a Safe and Memorable Experience for World Cup Fans

The Business Challenge

Offer an exciting, immersive experience for football fans during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and protect the stadiums’ systems and infrastructure from possible threats.

The Solution

ClearPath Forward™ systems including a set of Intel Xeon-based servers that reside on a secure, high-performance interconnect “fabric” capable of running a wide range of Windows, Red Hat Linux and SUSE Linux applications, middleware and databases like SQL and Oracle.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved visibility for officials to effectively manage and monitor public safety and security communications, including police, military and fire services
  • Achieved uninterrupted security and enhanced viewers’ experience across all stadiums
  • Ensured business continuity beyond the World Cup with the infrastructure being used by state governments


With such a large sporting event taking place and with millions of tourists visiting Brazil, we needed a high performance and high availability IT infrastructure to support mission critical applications. Unisys, as part of a consortium, helped to provide the necessary infrastructure components to ensure the successful running of 13 World Cup data centers throughout the month-long event.”

Project Manager