Unisys Clients - Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone

The Business Challenge

Move and connect people, places, goods and services safely, efficiently and effectively across Queensland, Australia.

The Solution

Unisys Application Services to design, build and manage a biometric facial and signature image solution, based on the Stealth(identity)TM multi-factor identity management and authentication solution, for the State’s smart card driver license; Unisys Digital Workplace Services, including service desk and field engineering services, to support service centers across the state.

Results and Benefits

  • Gained the ability to protect the security of 4.5+ million Queensland license holders and reduce identity fraud
  • Reduced capital investments and internal costs
  • Enhanced citizen experience by reducing the time to resolve issues


Queensland has always been at the forefront of ensuring the highest standards associated with license products. Our smart card licenses are a very secure form of documentation, as they are hard to forge or alter. This helps reduce the risk of identity theft to Queensland license holders and gives them confidence their personal license information is being kept secure. By moving to Unisys’ Stealth (identity) modern image capture platform, we are ensuring the high standards are maintained into the future.”

Sandra Slater

Chief Information Officer
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads