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The Business Challenge

Grow market share and drive profitability in product distribution.

The Solution

  • Unisys Digital Workplace Services including a Service Desk model with 24/7 support, with digital services support, desk side support, endpoint support, asset management and procurement; supports ~10,000 end users; also dedicated workplace services including unified endpoint management and Tech Cafés for PC tune-ups, quick fixes, devices on demand (with apps and data) and concierge support.
  • Unisys established a robust IT governance model, developed a roadmap to deliver continuous improvement/innovation, including predictive analysis, support through chat, and persona support.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved customer satisfaction by modernizing and personalizing support
  • Enhanced employee productivity, especially for remote workers, and improved resolution rates
  • Reduced time to provision a new laptop from many hours down to 45 minutes or less, and enabled employee access to an IT locker where they can insert their broken laptop, get a replacement laptop and self provision to get up and running with all of their apps and data within 45 minutes
  • Improved accessibility through mobile access and specialized persona-based support
  • Achieved cost effectiveness through modern pricing models


Unisys has been providing IT services to our business for 20+ years. As technology modernizes, the services are transforming and we’re now embracing digital transformation. This partnership is enabling us to tailor our services to the specific needs of our distributers and customers, and make our employees more efficient."

Vice President of Operations