Unisys Clients - Ohio Court Network

Improved the state’s justice system through a consolidated view of an individual’s records

The Business Challenge

Provide real time access to a breadth of judicial information in a consistent, organized format to court staff and other business partners.

The Solution

Unisys Justice Connect portal and integration hub, state-wide court case data warehouse, and professional services (consulting, integration, and application configuration and implementation) that provide visibility to 300+ disparate judicial systems, such as jail bookings, court cases, criminal history records, corrections data, protection orders, motor vehicle info, in a single secure role-based user interface.

Results and Benefits

  • Increased productivity of OCN users by incorporating a single secure user interface for searching judicial records across multiple disparate agency systems based on role-based access
  • Achieved NIEM standardization to allow data integration with external systems
  • Built-in data integrity through a comprehensive audit trail, recording all OCN User activities performed within the Judicial Portal and data exchanges with external agency systems


Unisys has designed and built a robust, secure and user-friendly portal system. The greatest value of the Unisys platform is its ability to connect vastly different source systems on the backend, and deliver a standardized and integrated user experience on the front end. This design has allowed us to add new criminal justice data sources over time with little or no change to the core user interface saving money as well as implementation and training time.”

Robert Stuart

Director Information Technology Division
Supreme Court of Ohio