Unisys Clients - North Dakota​

Meeting workforce needs for individuals, businesses and community leaders

The Business Challenge

Deliver specific services to targeted workforce sectors, administer the unemployment insurance program, and provide labor market information across the state.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath® MCP Software Series for Microsoft Azure to transition applications from hardware-based systems to the GovCloud using CloudForte®; Application Services to develop and maintain mission-critical applications; virtual tape library to eliminate the need for physical tape; remote system monitoring, database administration, batch operations and systems administration.

Results and Benefits

  • Increased agility, security and stability to deliver COVID-19 related benefits to citizens via enhanced ability to quickly develop and implement new features/software
  • Gained the benefits of cloud native tools to enhance scalability and improved disaster recovery capabilities
  • Eliminated dependence on physical infrastructure and reduced capital-equipment costs​
  • Enabled compliance with federal-government regulations, including IRS 1075​


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that we need to be more agile than ever in developing and deploying new applications to deliver benefits to citizens in immediate need. ClearPath MCP Software Series for Azure, combined with the Unisys CloudForte consulting services in the Azure GovCloud, enables us to achieve our goal while reducing costs, streamlining IT operations and enabling compliance with regulations.”

Pat Kelly

IT Director, Job Service North Dakota