Unisys Clients - Municipalidad De San Jose

Delivering efficient, secure services to public servants and citizens

The Business Challenge

Provide efficient services related to local government employee payroll, as well as to taxes for thousands of citizens of the county of San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Solution

ClearPath ForwardTM technology and services to support core applications, with EMC storage.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved speed of providing information to citizens regarding their taxes
  • Achieved security in processing personal and financial information of local government employees and citizens
  • Increased efficiency of local government employees




The local government of San Jose is respected for providing outstanding service to ~200,000 citizens regarding their taxes as well has for highly effective employee payroll processing. The Unisys ClearPath Forward technology ensures sensitive data is protected while making inquiry and processing highly efficient. Unisys is a key partner as we embrace digital transformation to extend our services to support citizens and local governments throughout Costa Rica.”

Victor Mora Padilla

Head – Computer Services
Municipalidad De San Jose