Unisys Clients - Mumbai International Airport

Delivering reliable passenger services to India’s second busiest airport

The Business Challenge

Expand passenger handling capacity by launching a new airport terminal.

The Solution

Unisys conducted Master Integration Testing services to verify that all systems implemented in the new terminal (Terminal 3 building) operate in a seamless manner; testing of 21 systems across 3 vendors and 3 airlines.

Results and Benefits

Increased capacity to manage 30+ million international passengers annually by ensuring that IT systems supported the operations effectively and reliably.




The underlying IT systems in an airport facilitate passenger traffic, coordinate flights, allocate resources such as gates and baggage belts, support government agency requirements for immigration and customs, and provide up to date information to run the business of the airport. These are all critical components of airport operations. We chose Unisys to test our systems based on its track record in other successful airport projects globally.”

Kamaruzaman B Shaari

General Manager – Project IT
Mumbai International Airport