Unisys Clients - Providing an excellent fashion shopping experience

Providing an Excellent Fashion Shopping Experience for Women Throughout Brazil

The Business Challenge

Maintain market position as the leading Brazilian retailer of women’s fashion.

The Solution

Unisys Digital Workplace Services, including field engineering services and deskside support for 380 stores.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved customer service by ringing up sales faster because of system reliability
  • Increased efficiency of store staff through system availability
  • Achieved 98% incident closure rate by the next day




Due to the seasonality and dynamism of women’s fashion business, it’s critical that our systems have high availability, durability and efficient management. Unisys effectively manages our IT infrastructure to help us anticipate potential problems before they escalate, and propose solutions and improvements to increase our operational efficiency and productivity. This enables a better shopping experience which drives our business growth.”