Unisys Clients - Delivering secure banking services

Delivering secure banking services throughout the ASEAN region

The Business Challenge

Gain market share in a very competitive market by providing fully integrated, always available financial services to customers across 200+ branches.

The Solution

Unisys end-to-end check processing system implemented as an outsourced service; includes networks, infrastructure (servers, capture devices, etc.), security devices, software solutions, facilities, people and processes.

Results and Benefits

  • Enhanced service to customers through flexible input (paper and image), efficient and accurate check processing with compliant output (images and data)
  • Gained ‘two way’ compliance - compliant to Central Bank clearing requirements/specifications and compliant to Client Bank requirements/specifications
  • Reduced operating costs through business process outsourcing




In our highly regulated industry, we need mission critical services to be delivered in a timely and compliant manner. Unisys has proven to be a trusted partner in providing predictable and consistent check processing services over a long period of time.”