Unisys Clients - Creating a Seamless Banking Experience

Creating seamless customer experience through any channel at any time

The Business Challenge

Recover the #1 position in consumer banking in Latin America by transforming to a digital image.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath Forward® systems, running core banking and 55 applications that are integrated to the core; on-site systems support including operating system, database, back-up, disaster recovery and integration with third party tools.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved customer service and confidence through secure, reliable and stable transactions
  • Achieved continuous up-time through system performance and disaster contingency plans
  • Enabled millions of transactions per day to flow through the diverse network of systems and applications




For more than 40 years, the ClearPath Forward platform has provided the infrastructure to support millions of transactions performed on a daily basis. The stability, reliability, and security of the environment enable us to meet our customers’ needs. This is a critical element as we modernize branches and transform our image from traditional to digital.”