Unisys Clients - Build a More Connected Society

Building a More Connected Society Through Enhanced Communications Services

The Business Challenge

Provide more innovative, customer-centric services at competitive prices to improve customer satisfaction and retain market leadership.

The Solution

Unisys Managed Services to deliver a comprehensive, flexible and reliable platform for messaging and other value-added services to its 10+ million customers; services include proactive monitoring and support (with health checks, problem resolution, and reporting), SLA Management, Data Management, Change Management and Release Management.

Results and Benefits

  • Enhanced initial customer satisfaction by 90% and initial costs by 60% for messaging services
  • Assisted ongoing efficiency requirements with a 20% reduction in cost year over year
  • Enabled continual innovation over the last 18 years with 3 additional services a year


It’s not about the quantity of innovation; it’s absolutely about the quality of innovation. We have been partners with Unisys since 1999, and one of the real strengths they bring is their market knowledge and global experience.”


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