Unisys Clients - Billund Airport

Enhancing customer convenience via web-based self service check-in

The Business Challenge

Improve the passenger traveling experience by streamlining the check-in process for international travelers.

The Solution

Unisys Application Services, including Unisys Airport Passenger Processing System (APPS) to manage on- and off-airport passenger processing functions, including a local check-in system, web and kiosk self service check-in, agent operated check-in, fast bag drop, load planning and boarding.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduced passenger waiting time
  • Increased passenger self service, from 20% to 80%+
  • Ensured alignment with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Fast Travel “Bags ready-to-go” project, enabling passengers to deliver their bags tagged and ready for acceptance by airlines


It’s all about convenience and saving time. When passengers deliver their bags tagged and ready for acceptance by airlines, they can reduce the time waiting in queues at the airport. We have a dedicated check-in counter for such passengers, and all they have to do is present their boarding passes and drop off their pre-tagged luggage.”

Anders Nielsen

Vice President of Development
Billund Airport