Unisys Clients - BCIA

Supporting Beijing’s vision as the international hub for visitors to the 2008 Summer Olympics and beyond

The Business Challenge

Open one of the largest, most advanced airport terminals in the world and seamlessly integrate its infrastructure with existing terminals while meeting complex baggage handling requirements.

The Solution

Unisys Ground Operation Information System (GOIS) to control flight information for the airport and continually collect data from handling agents and other airline systems, and an Integration Framework Design to incorporate more than 25 core operational systems without impacting operations for the rest of the airport.

Results and Benefits

  • Met stringent deadlines to complete the expansion project within 30 months, and debut the brand-new Terminal 3 for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games
  • Handled a record number of 1,600+ commercial, chartered, and VIP flights during the Olympics
  • Increased airport capacity to accommodate 80+ million passengers and 580,000 flights a year with peak hours handling 124 flights an hour, and improved operational efficiency, flexibility and agility for the entire airport


The Beijing Capital International Airport is one of the most important infrastructure projects supporting the 2008 Olympics. It has been highly praised for its user friendly services, efficiency and exceptional professionalism. It achieved an outstanding record of ‘zero incidents, zero breakdowns and zero complaints’ during the Games. BCIA would like to express its gratitude to the Unisys team, the master systems integrator, for its whole-hearted support that helped make this perfect achievement possible.”

Dong Zhi Yi

Beijing Capital International Airport