Unisys Clients - BARNZ

Enhancing the traveling experience and safety of airline passengers

The Business Challenge

Ensure passengers and baggage travel together to comply with Aviation Security Act’s “Triple A” regulations; for BARNZ, this involves 20+ international airlines operating in New Zealand from four airports at Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wellington.

The Solution

Cloud-based advanced Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) including managed services, network infrastructure, security architecture, handheld scanners, staff training and 24/7 help desk support; 3G and 4G scanning; Unisys Messaging to provide connectivity to all airlines.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved security and operational efficiency without impeding passenger flow
  • Reduced cost and streamlined passenger service with measurable reductions in lost and mishandled bags
  • Increased operational flexibility and IT scalability with the ability to handle increased volumes
  • Enabled real-time visibility and therefore greater efficiency into baggage outcomes (lost bags)
  • Ensured continued compliance with the Government’s Office of Transport Security regulations


Secure and efficient baggage handling is a key issue for both airlines and their passengers. The Unisys baggage reconciliation system helps our member airlines comply with industry-mandated security requirements for baggage handling, while providing efficient processing to quickly find or remove baggage to help prevent delays.”