Unisys Clients - Angkasa

Enabling economic and social development throughout Malaysia

The Business Challenge

Stimulate and develop the business of 13,000+ member co-operatives by identifying new opportunities for growth and providing a national and international network of business services.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath Forward® systems and services, including Unisys Enterprise Application Environment, ClearPath Forward® ePortal and Enterprise Output Manager, to securely and reliably provide payment gateway services to credit co-operatives and other selected agencies – to pay monthly membership fees, loan repayments, insurance premiums through a centralized online system.

Results and Benefits

  • Extended service to 13,000+ co-operatives and agencies, ~8 million members and 2,000+ employers
  • Gained scalable performance to manage an increase in online transactions of 12-18% per year
  • Increased flexibility to service deduction authorization registrations, billing to employers, payment collections and crediting to bank accounts
  • Improved time to deliver new functions to meet business requirements
  • Reduced costs of integration with other business applications and new technologies


ANGKASA implements co-operative transformation programs through its participation in high value economy projects. For three decades, Unisys has been our technology partner. The Unisys ClearPath Forward systems and software have given ANGKASA the scalability, flexibility and reliability to offer financial services to members, helping them to better manage their resources and live better lives.”

Dato’ Hj Abdul Fattah

President, ANGKASA