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Optimizing workspace to uncover inefficiencies and maximize productivity

The Business Challenge

Promote staff productivity and satisfaction while reducing workspace costs.

The Solution

Unisys Digital Workplace Services, including an assessment to measure the current work environment, analyze application usage for more than 18,500 seats across 55 branches and affiliates, define profiles (business personas) and associated data (key applications and resource usage), and evaluate different virtualization technologies to provision identified applications; data analysis and interpretation was done via ‘data-driven endpoint scenario clustering’ (D2ESC) – a Big Data based methodology developed by Unisys.

Results and Benefits.

Designed a future-proof workplace solution to improve staff operations and productivity through cost-effective utilization of tools, applications and systems.


We have been very impressed with Unisys’ analysis, assessment and recommendations. This helps set the stage for us to modernize workspaces for the Erste Bank Group, so their staff and customers can realize the benefits of increased efficiencies and better services.”

Susanna Schöndorfe

Head – Social Workplace/Management
Division, s IT Solutions Austria