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Digital Workplace

What is a Digital Workplace?

A digital workplace is a suite of technology tools with a central access point that allows digital workers to collaborate across platforms for an efficient and secure workforce experience.

The type of digital workplace your organization needs depends on the nature of your business and your business goals. It may be as simple as a calendar-sharing tool, video conferencing, or a more robust option that includes a fully automated digital environment that integrates interactive team collaboration, cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), and productivity tools.

Intelligent workplace services will take your organization out of the traditional workplace by implementing smart automation and secure technologies for a frictionless and secure workplace experience. It will also give your organization the ability to transform current end-user collaborations into a modern, cloud-based, mobile-enabled digital workplace, complete with platforms, services, and productivity solutions.

The Evolution of the Digital Workplace

The traditional workplace has evolved bringing smart digital security solutions, and better cloud-based applications like instant messages and virtual conference meetings. Innovation has paved the way for a growing workforce of digital employees who can work efficiently regardless of their schedule or location. Organizations continue to move from employees working in a traditional physical office setting with desks and cubicles to a more agile model that better supports office-based employees as well as those who want a more flexible work-life model.

This technology is not limited to the digital office environment. Other industries are also benefitting from the use of modern workplace services. Retail stores are controlling inventory, handling transactions, and processing orders and payments. Businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries increasingly use mobile phones and tablets to check people into hotels, order food, and verify dining reservations.

Unisys continues to leverage their experience, expertise, and foresight to innovate and improve digital workforce solutions that maximize productivity. This ensures that employees can work effectively, in a secure environment, whether they’re in an office, in the field, or working from home.

Unisys InteliServe™ is a digital workplace services suite that enables organizations to transform end-user collaboration platforms, services, and productivity solutions into a modern, cloud-based, mobile-enabled digital workplace that promotes innovation and productivity while reducing IT costs.