Unisys Glossary
Unisys Glossary
Key terms and definitions related to our solutions and services
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligence driven by machines that accelerates and simplifies routine tasks. Automation saves time and provides support 24/7 while also gathering intelligence and data on worker needs and responses to refine user support.

Business Drivers

Organizations must adapt their business to ensure it is secure, innovative and competitive as technology changes and industry needs shift driven by customer demands in the marketplace.

Cloud Advisory

Discovery, assessment, and guidance for identifying and deploying the most effective cloud for specific business needs, including vendor-neutral guidance, full security audits, and deployment planning.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services can help accelerate your cloud adoption, migration, management and operations of your cloud projects bringing innovation to your business quickly.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimization of cloud spend through periodic cloud audits and stricter cloud governance to reduce cost overruns such as cloud sprawl, abandoned resources, and over-provisioned instances.

Cloud Digital Transformation

Delivers cloud native container services, application modernization, and IoT support to transform the way businesses operate. Cloud data and analytics services provide big data resources and data lakes.

Cloud Migration

Moving data, applications, or other business data to a cloud environment. For full migration support, Unisys offers end-to-end migration services, including legacy application modernization, digital transformation, and testing-as-a-service.

Cloud Security Compliance

Meeting compliance standards and safeguarding the security of cloud infrastructure and data. Unisys cloud compliance and security protection services include threat monitoring, access control, and remediation.


An integrated, multi-cloud and application optimization platform that provides tools and services that optimize cloud to clients’ needs–from initial assessment through operations and maintenance. Its vendor-neutral approach ensures the right tools, architectures, and services are selected for the optimum cloud.

Cybersecurity Moonshot

Set of recommendations for a safer, more resilient internet to deliver government and critical infrastructure services in the US. The draft report to the White House received a unanimous NSTAC member vote.

Cyber Risk Management

Identifying your cyber risks and vulnerabilities and applying administrative actions, comprehensive security solutions, and safeguards to protect your organization and its data.

Cyber Attack

An attempt by malicious actors to access, damage, or destroy computer networks or systems. They are increasingly sophisticated, well-funded, and focused. Sponsored attacks, which are particularly dangerous, are on the rise.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace culture inspiring all associates, clients, partners and suppliers to learn, collaborate and innovate.

Digital Worker

Remote and distributed workers empowered by a connected, digital workplace environment. Digital workers require smart digital security, support, and productivity solutions to empower them to work securely from anywhere.

Digital Workplace

A Digital Workplace facilitates innovation and flexible working practices with a cloud-based, mobility-enabled, user-centric digital environment where workers can access communication platforms, productivity solutions, and support services.

Digital Workplace Services

Enables intelligent transformation of the traditional workplace through the implementation of smart automation and secure technologies for frictionless and safe workforce experiences.

Digital Transformation

The transition of an organization’s technology, culture and processes to take advantage of a digital world. Disruptive technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain promise to transform the way businesses operate and serve customers.

Dynamic Isolation

Through the power of micro-segmentation, encryption, and dynamic isolation, Stealth™ stops cyberattacks–including sponsored, sophisticated attempts. Should an attacker get inside, Stealth™ prevents data exfiltration, minimizing damage and loss.

End-User Services

Enables flexible access to consistent services that end-users control— when, how and where they need it. Seamlessly and securely connect users across channels—phone, email, web, video, chat, portal, mobile and social.

Endpoint Management

Provides employees with the tools they need to collaborate and be productive while maintaining tight organizational control on data, and streamlining security processes and policies.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Helps organizations understand their IT security and provide the best course of action to prevent critical infrastructure disruption, data leakage, and data stealing.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

What is ESG? Components used to measure a company’s operations in the areas of environmental sustainability, ethical impact and corporate policies and governance

Field Engineering Services

Provides a single point of contact for support leveraging a globally integrated, cloud-based service delivery platform to supply consistent IT support at any location.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Consulting

Consultation on establishing GDPR compliance quickly, securing personal data, and defining a data handling and management strategy to maintain that posture.

Hybrid Cloud

A combination of an on-premises private cloud, coupled with off-site public cloud(s). Hybrid gives clients the ability to integrate legacy applications and data for use in public cloud applications.

Identity-driven Micro-segmentation

Verifies identities with multi-modal biometrics and cryptographically cloaks and encrypts data in transit. This process transforms existing networks into Zero Trust Networks without the added implementation and management complexity.

Infrastructure Transformation

Transform your infrastructure aligning with your business needs by leveraging the cloud to ensure availability, provide for operational efficiency and to secure your data and assets.


A pervasive automation platform that transforms business processes, services, and productivity using cloud-based, mobile-centric solutions. InteliServe™ enables your employees to work productively and effectively from anywhere.

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Enables end users to deliver 24/7 advice and support to users through personalized interactions and human-like assistance. AI and machine learning enable them to provide smarter, increasingly context-aligned support.

Intelligent Workspace

Intelligent Workspaces enable end-users to access tools and support from anywhere, at any time. Intelligent workspaces facilitate collaboration and innovation while keeping all of your endpoints up to date, healthy, and secure.

Justice, Law Enforcement, and Border Security

Providing the underlying infrastructure and framework enabling government agencies to modernize processes and in particular, enable more effective communication, collaboration and information sharing.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Providing patient-centric security and comprehensive IT solutions including predictive analytics and logistics management through innovative technologies helping patients get better.


Micro-segmentation allows administrators to program security policies based on where a workload might be used, what kind of data it will access, and how important or sensitive the application is.


The use of multiple cloud and storage services in a single environment, which may be all-private, all-public, or a combination of both, and may be from one or several vendors.

Network Segmentation

Also known as secure enclave, network segmentation protects a network by breaking it into smaller chunks, down to the packet level, creating multiple unique closed user groups.

Perimeter Defense

The secured boundary between the private and locally managed side of an organization's network, including border routers, firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems.


Ransomware is a class of malware that gets into your network without authorization and then begins to lock it up preventing access or use of the network

Remote Access Software

Software that enables users to access remote computers, servers, or networks. Unisys Always-On Access™ delivers Zero Trust security through identity-based micro-segmentation, giving remote workers rapid and secure access.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Solutions for serving remote workers that maximize productivity and collaboration while protecting your business security. Workers get the tools, support, and flexibility they need to drive innovation for your business.

Remote Workplace Services

Enables users to work safely and productively from anywhere. Quickly provision and securely deliver virtual desktops and applications to users on almost any device.

Security Consulting Services

Assessment of your organization's tolerance for risk and recommendations for systematically moving to a more efficient security program, including crafting incident response plans, developing eDiscovery programs, and delivering public breach notifications.

Security Device Management

Firewalls, VPN, UTM, IDPS, web proxies, and load balancers must be correctly updated to protect against internal and external threats. Security Device Management offloads the management of technology deployments.

Security Transformation

Evolving your security approach to accommodate innovation while protecting your critical assets from cyberattacks by leveraging a Zero Trust approach updating your processes, technology and culture to build security into the fabric of your business.

Service Desk

Unisys Inteliserve™ goes beyond the traditional service desk to deliver simplified, personalized, and intelligent support to workers. The InteliServe platform integrates with your service tools to provide unparalleled, user-centric experiences.

Software Defined Perimeter

A framework based on a need-to-know model that controls access to resources based on identity. Device posture and identity are verified before access to application infrastructure is granted.


Cyber risk management solutions that transforms the cyber risk conversation, enabling organizations to align their security initiatives with their business strategy by describing the likelihood and impact of a cyber-event across a multitude of attack patterns and threats.

User Digital Experience Management (UDEM)

Secures, provisions, monitors, and maintains anything workers use to get the job done – smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, virtual desktops, and even traditional, virtual, and web-based applications.

Unisys Stealth®

Unisys Stealth is the only security solution that gives you the ability to see, segment and secure the entirety of your global infrastructure. Out of the box. Using a single, holistic security policy powered by irrefutable identity-based-access management.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that hosts desktop environments on a centralized server and uses virtual machines to provide virtual desktops to users on request over a network. As a form of desktop virtualization, it enables user mobility and remote access, along with significant IT cost savings and security improvements.

Virtual Tech Support

Harnesses the power of augmented reality to provide access to expert virtual assistance. Virtual tech support can look at physical equipment and guide users to resolution, regardless of where they are working.

What is Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the protection of data which is stored online through cloud platforms from any theft, leakage, and deletion.

Workplace Services

Cloud-based, mobility-enabled, user-centric services that accelerate innovation and productivity while strengthening business security and reducing costs. Employees can work from anywhere in a secure environment.

Workforce Transformation

The global workforce has transformed into a virtual workforce that require scalable technology and services to stay productive wherever they are working to stay on track with their business and mission objectives while ensuring a user experience that translates directly into positive impacts on employee performance and retention.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is the principle of never trusting anything by default. Every access request is authenticated and authorized as if it originates from an open network.

Zero Trust Security

A framework that guards against data breaches by knowing and controlling access of every component of your architecture from user, their devices to the services and data they are accessing.

Zero Trust Security Architecture

To benefit from zero trust you need to know and control access of every component of your architecture from users and their devices through to the services and data they are accessing.

Zero Trust Security Model

A framework that guards against data breaches by eliminating the concept of trust from a network's architecture. Zero trust protects by leveraging network segmentation, preventing lateral movement, and granular user-access controls.