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Harnessing data for smarter logistics management


A parcel’s journey traverses from the confines of a shipping container to hurl ahead in an 18-wheeler. It is then squirreled away in a warehouse before boarding a delivery truck to be deposited at a customer’s doorstep. Each stop generates data that new technology can help logistics organizations fully harness.

A recent webinar hosted by Unisys and FreightWaves, “Harnessing data for smarter logistics management,” explored how AI and quantum computing can be applied to last-mile logistics – those final steps in an item’s journey .

During the chat, Sean Tinney, vice president of Enterprise Computing Solutions at Unisys, and Caroline Woodland, senior director of emerging solutions at Unisys, joined Grace Sharkey, staff writer at FreightWaves and host of FreightWaves Radio Drive Time, to discuss:

  • The shift in customer expectations driving logistics companies to enhance real-time decision-making for better visibility
  • The role of data in assisting logistics firms to navigate supply chain challenges, such as inventory management and economic fluctuations
  • The impact of new technologies on maximizing cargo shipping efficiency and revenue growth for logistics organizations

To learn how combining advanced analytics, AI and quantum computing can help you realize efficiency gains to boost your bottom line, watch the on-demand webinar and visit us online to read more about Unisys Logistics Optimization™.

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