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Quantum IQ
Reduce manual, time-intensive operational process
Automate capacity planning to reduce OpEx costs

Delight customers with on-time delivery times

Efficiently build ULDs and route vehicles 
Process and analyze data at lightning-fast speed
Boost profitability amid competition and uncertainties

Smarter logistics. Better results.

Get ready to transform your logistics operations with Unisys Logistics Optimization™, the next-generation solution that turns complex data into strategic insights. The automated planning and disruption management solution augments traditional logistics planning to address high OpEx costs and missed revenue opportunities. Accelerate your cargo business and meet on-time performance goals by leveraging diverse compute methods and pre-trained AI models to optimize load utilization, routing and inventory. 
When disruptions try to derail your plans, Unisys Logistics Optimization springs into action, capturing and learning from real-time data to dynamically reoptimize plans to keep your cargo moving and customers satisfied.
Integrating the solution into your existing processes is a breeze either through APIs or as a web-based solution. Quickly deploy with publicly available API documentation and white-glove implementation support. Start capturing real-time exception data to transform your logistics performance and stay ahead of the competition. 

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Capacity optimization

Slash cargo planning time

Maximize your overall capacity with Unisys Logistics Optimization. Reduce your pallet and plane planning time by automating the loading planning process, slashing OpEx costs through improved efficiency and resource allocation. The solution’s configurable rules engine enables you to build and load pallets with your most important metrics in mind, such as compliance, prioritization and revenue. When exceptions occur, dynamically reoptimize plans to ensure utilization, loading efficiency and on-time performance are never compromised. 

Solution benefits:

  • Boost cargo profits: Cut OpEx through efficient planning and optimized labor while maximizing revenue per asset by improving space utilization.
  • Reduce on-time performance and loading efficiency risks: Dynamically re-optimize asset utilization during disruptions.
  • Enhance warehouse and sales team collaboration: Increase unsold capacity and space utilization visibility for better sales planning and revenue management.
  • Automate planning processes: Customize simple rules and use pre-trained data models for instant value.

Route optimization

Meet on-time delivery requirements and maximize margins 

Route shipments more efficiently, whether you prioritize low costs or on-time performance, with Unisys Logistics Optimization. By analyzing shipment details, weather data and historical trends, the solution’s multi-modal routing solution uses predictive recommendations to improve booking efficiency. By dynamically rerouting shipments when disruptions occur, freight forwarders can minimize the risk of missed on-time performance and compromised customer experience.

Solution benefits:

  • Maximize profits: Optimize shipment routing based on key deciding factors like cost and carrier performance. 
  • Enhance booking efficiency: Explore multi-modal routing capabilities in a single solution or integrate into your existing environment. 
  • Ensure on-time performance: Minimize operational disruptions and risks with dynamic rerouting capabilities. 

Warehouse optimization

Maximize your storage space and simplify parcel shipping 

Find and access your cargo with ease. With Unisys Logistics Optimization, you can accurately predict cargo demand so that inventory is in the right place at the right time.

The solution’s advanced algorithms and data-driven insights optimize how cargo is stored in your warehouses, helping you ensure frequently accessed items are strategically placed for quick retrieval, reducing picking and retrieval times. By analyzing factors like cargo dimensions, weight and frequency of access, Unisys Logistics Optimization identifies the most efficient storage configurations that maximize free space and minimize wasted areas.

Solution benefits:

  • Increase storage capacity: Maximize your available space by intelligently organizing cargo and eliminating wasted areas.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Minimize the risk of errors and misplaced items, helping to ensure smooth and accurate inventory management and improved on-time delivery performance.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Fulfill orders faster and more accurately with easy access to well-organized cargo.

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Watch this live demo from FreightWaves' Future of Supply Chain 2024, where Sean Tinney, VP of Global Enterprise Computing Solutions, showcased how logistics companies can hit on-time performance and revenue targets with automated capacity and routing capabilities.

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