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Delighting customers earns you loyalty

How a focus on experience transforms your service delivery

Three digital workplace experts from Unisys—Patrycja Sobera, global vice president of delivery for Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS), Davoud Pourhossein, global director of strategy and innovation for DWS, and Vera Faludi, director of EMEA service desk—shared best practices for delivering experience-centric customer service during “The Exchange 2023,” a virtual event hosted by the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA).

Their presentation “Delighting Customers Earns You Loyalty” highlighted a Unisys client story and explored how shifting to experience-level agreements (XLAs) instead of service-level agreements (SLAs) significantly improves customer experience and service outcomes. Sobera, Pourhossein and Faludi demonstrated how Unisys helped a client adopt personalized technology tools, including bots and customer self-service support tools, that resulted in the deflection of high-volume, low-value contacts and above-industry-average improvements in customer satisfaction. 

Unisys’ work resulted in its Next-Generation Service Desk being recognized with ECCCSA’s Silver Award for Best Customer Experience in 2022 by proactively enabling workforce efficiency, providing personalized technology services and transforming the service delivery process. ECCCSA also named Unisys a 2022 finalist in the “Outsourced Contact Center of the Year” and “Most Effective Application of Technology (CX)” categories.