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International Banker: How Can Financial-Services Firms Create The Ideal Hybrid-Work Environment—And Why Should They?

Davoud Pourhossein, Director of Client Architecture, Digital Workplace Solutions, discusses the top three pitfalls financial services firms make when implementing a hybrid work model.

Many financial-services businesses have now settled on some type of hybrid-work model, requiring employees to be physically in the office for an agreed number of days per week (or an annual percentage of work time) or setting out a more flexible “it’s up to you” approach. Some may consider this a temporary solution in the wake of the pandemic, and whilst it has indeed been the catalyst for its introduction, these work practices are here to stay. It’s been proven that employees can not only be just as productive when working from home but that the vast majority of employees now expect a more flexible approach to their work life—in fact, it’s even become a deciding factor for many when choosing where to work.

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