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Risk and Fraud Targeting Solution (RaFTS)

Next-generation risk and fraud prevention requires a revolutionary approach

As enterprises digitize processes and customer interactions, their expanding digital footprint can lead to increased fraud risks. Across multiple domains – finance, borders, healthcare, law enforcement and more – much is at risk. When you fall victim to fraud, your customers lose confidence; your borders and perimeters are exposed; and your business may lose money, suffer reputational damage, face potential penalties or even become a victim of organized crime or terrorism.

Organizations today require a different and better approach to risk management that rapidly adapts to how modern criminals think and operate across business areas, technology and borders. Unisys is a proven leader in delivering security and targeting solutions, protecting borders and finding patterns in vast volumes of airline, passenger and cargo data to intercept criminals, narcotics, drugs and firearms before they can do harm. This expertise is the foundation of the Unisys Risk and Fraud Targeting Solution (RaFTS). RaFTS is a powerful, open and highly flexible risk-scoring platform. The result is an easily configurable, scalable rules- and AI-based solution – deployed in the cloud or on-premise, with an optional fully managed service offering. It supports large and small institutions alike, allowing organizations to tackle current risks and rapidly adapt to new trends while presenting an intuitive approach to risk presentation.

Learn how Unisys can help your organization tackle fraud by downloading the solution brief.