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Ensuring the ability to handle growth in China’s aviation industry quickly and securely

The Business Challenge

Support what IATA forecasts will be the world’s largest air passenger market (defined by traffic to, from and within) by 2029.

The Solution

  • Unisys ClearPath Forward® Dorado systems with Extended Transaction Capacity (XTC) clustering capability to link up to six systems for increased transaction processing capacity, storage and virtual tape library.
  • Unisys Aircore® next-generation passenger system which TravelSky offers as a hosted system to China’s airlines; Air China is the first client of the new solution.
  • Unisys Logistics Management System (LMS) and Cargo Portal Service (CPS) which TravelSky offers to China’s cargo airlines via Software-as-a-Service model from a Unisys secure private cloud environment hosted in Beijing, now used by Air China and China Eastern; TravelSky and Unisys are co-developing the next generation of LMS.

Results and Benefits

  • Ensured the ability to quickly and securely handle the predicted 1.19 billion passengers in 2034, 758 million more than 2014 with an average annual growth rate of 5.2%
  • Enabled Air China to generate ~50 million flight queries and 1 million booking requests per day
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