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Transforming a monolithic financial application into a modern digital experience

Transforming a monolithic financial application into a modern digital experience

About the company

A prominent U.S.–based financial institution.


Multiple financial representatives in a large financial institution regularly used a legacy web portal application that provided poor user experience and reduced productivity, resulting in higher task turnaround times. The organization was looking to digitally transform the application to provide its users with an intuitive, omnichannel and adaptive experience.

What we did

  • Application modernization
  • Atomic user interface
  • Autonomous product team structure
  • User experience optimization
  • Micro frontend


Our user interface/user experience (UI/UX) and modern application delivery teams implemented a user experience design approach to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience to help ensure the application delivers high performance with little to no downtime:

  • Architected and designed a framework-agnostic micro-frontend architecture
  • Architected and designed continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines to deploy the micro frontend independently
  • Implemented a modern modular UI/UX component library to reuse and provide a consistent user interface across micro frontends
  • Created an individually deployable product capable of delivering rapid business value, reducing risk and time to market
  • Created a UI framework for a single-page application experience
  • Revamped the UI team structure to build and iterate by multiple small teams
  • Enabled a glitch-free end-user experience with zero-downtime UI deployments

Results and outcomes

With the implementation of a micro-frontend framework, a monolithic application was converted into a modern application and delivered the following outcomes and benefits:


teams building and delivering rather than a single large team


deployments in a quarter compared to fewer than 25 previously


increase in speed of application enhancements


increase in release confidence

Business benefits

  • Reduced time to market
  • Seamless and superior UX
  • Data-driven feature decisions
  • Zero downtime

Technical benefits

  • No dependency deployments
  • Increased release confidence
  • Faster development with reusable libraries
  • Scalable UI framework

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