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Corporate Governance

About Governance

The Unisys Board of Directors and Leadership Team take our corporate governance responsibilities very seriously and are committed to managing the company in the best interests of our stakeholders.

Unisys has a strong corporate governance structure in place. We have publicly disclosed our corporate governance guidelines in our annual proxy statement since 1999. Among other requirements, our corporate governance guidelines require:

  • A majority of our Board's directors be independent.
  • That membership on our Audit, Nominating and Corporate Governance, and Compensation and Human Resources Committees is limited to independent directors.
  • An annual evaluation of the performance of the Board and of the chief executive officer.
  • Non-Leadership team directors to meet at regularly scheduled executive sessions without company management present, with a presiding director overseeing these sessions.

These are just a few of the guidelines by which our company is managed and governed. We invite stockholders to view this section of the Investor site for a fuller understanding of our corporate governance structure.