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Navigating U.K. housing market shifts in 2024 and beyond

diciembre 27, 2023

Is 2024 set to redefine the U.K. housing market? Insights from estate agents indicate a cooling trend on the horizon, signaling a pivotal shift that demands strategic foresight from executives and mortgage lenders in U.K. building societies. To stay nimble, consider the role of advanced mortgage technology in steering your building society through 2024, enhancing how you serve your members. 

In a guest blog post with the Building Societies Association, Jill Wilson, Unisys partner management lead, and Itisha Gupta, Unisys Banking and Financial Services product manager, explored how they think building societies can thrive amid market changes by strategically embracing modern technologies. From navigating market swings to maintaining compliance, Wilson and Gupta shared some guiding principles to keep in mind to help when building societies assess their evolving needs.