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AB Suite® update enhances availability and productivity for low-code development

diciembre 18, 2023

Mission-critical operating environments form the foundation of success for many organizations. These core systems are always on, supporting business operations while enabling innovations. In response to the increasing demand for enhanced availability and security, essential for maintaining these systems' efficacy, Unisys has released an update to its Unisys Agile Business (AB Suite®) application development software. 

The low-code development platform helps IT organizations continue driving operations and innovation — with enhanced availability and security — by enabling them to build and maintain business-critical applications quickly and efficiently. Release 9.0 is available for all three operating environments — ClearPath® MCP, ClearPath OS 2200 and Microsoft Windows platforms.  

The update includes several new features, including:

  • The AB Suite Static Analyzer, which detects and reports what needs to be reviewed or fixed, helping improve applications’ maintainability and security 
  • DevOps enhancements, including a three-way merge, allow developers to handle complex, multi-layered changes 
  • Improved AB Suite debugger performance in scenarios, such as processing large complex arrays 
  • Enhanced security around communication protocols, including an FTP and secure client connection for AB Suite OS 2200 
  • Productivity and operational efficiency capabilities, including modeling and language enhancements, comprehensive copy/paste capability across different contexts in the AB Suite Model, restart failed host deploy, and a new recovery mechanism named CRDBLAYOUT 
  • Minimized downtime in the AB Suite MCP application 
  • High availability for the AB Suite on Windows 

AB Suite enables IT organizations to rapidly build, deploy, run and maintain business-critical applications for multiple operating environments. To learn more about the specific features and updates, check out these resources:

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