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Organizational Change Management

Focusing on people makes the change journey possible

In today’s dynamic environment, your organization, like many, is transforming and driving strategic initiatives. These efforts are crucial to maintain a competitive edge. Unfortunately, many transformation efforts are derailed when people and processes aren’t aligned with organizational goals. This results in wasted time and resources—and ultimately a failed transformation effort.

A successful change journey focuses on all employees and stakeholders impacted by change. This ensures maximum efficiency gains with end-to-end business alignment, user acceptance, and adoption in a multi-focused operating model.

Shared understanding ensures transformation success

Understanding your organization’s change culture often makes the difference between success and failure of a program. Companies can move twice as fast on digital business transformation when there is a shared understanding of the digital path ahead.1 Unisys Organizational Change Management (OCM) is an integral component of a technical solution and implementation, ensuring employees become the change agents to drive adoption across the enterprise. Through our proven OCM methodology, we help organizations drive the appropriate understanding to change behaviors ensuring employees are engaged to adopt and proficiently use new tools and approaches to work differently in their journey to the future state and ultimate end-user experience.


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