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Zero Trust security at Unisys

Industry challenge

Cybersecurity, the art of the possible

At Unisys, when we talk cybersecurity, we realize our challenge is no different from that of industry at large. In this age of cloud-enabled digital transformation, cybersecurity is an ever-urgent, ever-expanding trial. We recognize that a breach-proof enterprise is impossible. We aspire instead to a robust security posture, armed with rapid detect-and- respond capability—one guided by the principles of Zero Trust

Cybersecurity, in particular Zero Trust security, is “the art of the possible.” Leaders of all enterprises are challenged to do what is feasible, achievable – to take advantage of solutions that are immediately available and have been deployed successfully by their creators. Nobody wants to be the test case user for Zero Trust security.

Unisys identified five major cybersecurity challenges common to most enterprises in their Zero Trust journey:

  • Slow response allows bad actors to do more damage.
  • VPNs expose more assets than necessary for individual users.
  • Assets on the cloud can inadvertently expose access.
  • Conventional microsegmentation is expensive and can take years to perfect.
  • Cybersecurity implementation is typically disruptive and capital-intensive.