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Track and optimize cloud spending

Unisys Cloud Financial Analysis and Optimization

Organizations often struggle to determine how to best plan, design and deploy their cloud workloads for public, hybrid and cloud-native environments, wasting nearly a third (28%) of their cloud spend. They seek a structured approach to architect and scale their cloud workloads.

Native tools from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others, often free or bundled, have limited functionality and scalability across multiple accounts or business units. Additional issues include multifaceted cloud pricing, ever-changing cloud offerings, overprovisioned resources and a lack of bill granularity and standardization among providers.

Unisys Cloud Financial Analysis and Optimization utilizes FinOps Foundation-certified experts to evaluate monthover-month spending trends, detect anomalies and identify immediate cost-saving opportunities. Each expert is paired with a client leader so they can provide reviews directly. As a result, organizations can reduce costs by avoiding the most common types of cloud waste and leveraging automated recommendations to downsize or terminate unused resources.