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Job Service North Dakota

Delivering One Billion Dollars unemployment benefits

Business challenge

Provide services to citizens while addressing a surge in unemployment claims due to the COVID-19 pandemic and complying with new government programs.


Unisys ClearPath® MCP Software Series for Microsoft Azure to transition applications from hardware-based systems to the GovCloud using CloudForte®; Azure Site Recovery; Application Services to develop and maintain mission-critical applications; virtual tape library; remote system monitoring, database administration, batch operations and systems administration.

Business outcomes

  • Processed unemployment benefits for 3.7 times more citizens from March to April 2020 due to the spike at the onset of COVID-19 (from 9.5k to 35.6k*)​
  • Processed and paid out 14 times more claims (280k up from 20k) valued over a billion dollars in benefits (up from $80 million annually) during April ‘20 to October ‘21​
  • Reduced recovery time from up to 2 weeks to a few minutes and increased production processing speed from 25% to a peak of 100%​
  • Reduced capital-equipment costs (by minimizing the cost of maintaining a data center footprint and eliminating physical data tapes) and gained access to highly skilled resources available around the clock


*Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics​