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Partnering with Unisys and Microsoft for a more collaborative digital work environment 


  • Foster a collaborative, flexible digital workplace
  • Improve IT service delivery to empower employees to work regardless of location or time zone
  • Promote sustainable growth through digital transformation


Results and Benefits 

  • Strengthened collaboration and increased productivity for on-site and remote teams across locations;
  • Improved employee experience with a highly positive internal customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Reduced  CO₂ emissions by streamlining service desk and IMAC operations (install, move, add and change) and by reducing the number of global printing servers


 internal CSAT scores over 1.5 years (start of 2022 to mid-2023)


Microsoft Teams Rooms deployed in less than a year


 decrease in service desk requests/incidents (start of 2022 to mid-2023)

Transforming the workplace 

Henkel, renowned for its portfolio of consumer and industrial products, introduced its global Smart Work concept in 2021, offering its employees flexibility regarding space and time. This approach to fostering a digital workplace requires the use of advanced tools and services that enable secure, efficient work across various locations and devices. 

Central to Henkel's ethos is its commitment to purposeful growth. This strategy emphasizes digital transformation, innovation and sustainability as the keystones for achieving a competitive edge and maintaining market leadership while generating unparalleled value for customers and consumers. Henkel required an approach that surpassed a traditional end-user workplace model. Its new model needed to synchronize the work environment with the ever-changing digital arena to attract and retain top talent. In response, Henkel partnered with Unisys’ Digital Workplace Solutions team and leveraged Microsoft technologies to overhaul its digital work environment.

Redefining workplace efficiency to fuel purposeful growth 

For over a decade, Unisys has been a key partner in transforming Henkel's work environment through next-gen digital workplace services. These services are designed to foster seamless, personalized communication and collaboration within Henkel's hybrid setting, which includes a combination of physical, remote and digital workspaces. 

By implementing digital workplace solutions, Henkel successfully equipped employees with secure and efficient access to essential digital tools. With support from Unisys, the company adopted Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms to enable a robust hybrid work model. Integrating these Microsoft solutions has played a key role in streamlining operations and elevating the employee experience, aligning perfectly with Henkel’s ethos of offering flexibility and a cooperative work culture. In addition, optimizing remote and hybrid meetings significantly reduced  CO₂ emissions and travel-related expenses. 

Championing environmental sustainability 

Henkel, prioritizing sustainability, collaborated with Unisys to overhaul its global printing operations. This joint effort, emphasizing a sustainable work culture, led to resource usage integration and optimization across all locations. With support from Unisys, Henkel successfully modernized and streamlined its printing model in under five months, boosting operational efficiency and decreasing  CO₂ emissions.

Through these efforts, Henkel was able to actively develop, implement and advocate for green IT solutions. The initiative represented a strategic choice to align advanced workplace solutions with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Synchronizing the service desk 

Henkel, in partnership with Unisys, launched an enhanced service desk experience by enabling connectivity between ServiceNow and the Unisys service desk telephony platform. This connectivity allows caller details to automatically display to service desk agents when users are calling from registered business phone numbers.

Transitioning from a fragmented system of approximately 600 hotlines, Henkel adopted comprehensive next-gen technologies to centralize technology management, harmonize employee experiences across devices and alleviate the workload on human support teams. 

Entering a new era of digital excellence 

Henkel's digital transformation, supported by Unisys and Microsoft, has yielded remarkable results: 

  • A consistently high internal CSAT score of 95% or higher over a period of 1.5 years, indicating a significant improvement in employee experience 
  • Enhanced employee collaboration with high-quality Teams calls (50% improvement over Microsoft’s baseline) and the implementation of more than 600 managed meeting rooms
  • A productivity boost due to proactive solutions that address and remediate issues before they impact employees, leading to a 25% decrease in service desk requests/incidents (start of 2022 to mid-2023)
  • A robust digital security posture, evidenced by a 98% Microsoft 365 Secure Score 
  • Smooth management of new technology rollouts, including Windows 11, with a goal of 95% deployment by year-end

Driven by its vision for a sustainable and technologically forward workplace, Henkel partnered with the Digital Workplace Solutions team from Unisys and leveraged Microsoft technologies to achieve its digital transformation objectives. This long-standing, trusted relationship has catalyzed Henkel’s transformation, marked by enriched employee experiences, heightened collaboration, boosted productivity and substantially decreased CO₂ emissions.

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