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Unisys honored as acclaimed international IT systems provider of the year

fevereiro 28, 2024

Unisys has landed a big industry honor in the air cargo arena. The STAT Trade Times recognized Unisys as a highly acclaimed International IT Systems Provider of the Year as part of this year’s STAT Times International Awards for Excellence in Air Cargo at the 2024 Air Cargo India exhibition and conference. 

The annual awards recognize the industry’s leading innovators and service providers across several categories, from IT providers to airlines to ground handlers. Not only did Unisys have to be nominated to be considered for this honor, but the awards process also involved a public voting period. Support from the industry helped the company stand out.

Unisys’ recognition honors its continuous work in the air cargo industry, resulting in partnerships with logistics organizations that have spanned decades, marked by years of innovation. Now, Unisys has combined that history and expertise with cutting-edge technology to create a new era of logistics management.  

Launched in fall 2023, Unisys Logistics Optimization™ is an advanced quantum-enhanced AI and analytics solution that can transform complex data into strategic advantage. The next-gen solution connects logistics organizations’ three most vital dots — capacity, inventory and routing — that depend on each other to operate smoothly.   

Unisys has also continued innovating Unisys Cargo Portal Services™ — a booking portal that makes communication and collaboration easier for airlines and freight forwarders. In November, a Unisys team won the IATA ONE Record 2023 Hackathon Developer Prize for integrating AI and digital cargo booking systems, like Cargo Portal Services.  

Unisys’ commitment to our customers and innovation has positioned the company as a trusted adviser and technology leader in the air cargo industry.  

Learn more about how Unisys can help you transform your logistics technology stack to make your supply chain resilient and future-ready.  

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