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New ClearPath Forward® Libra generation features performance improvements

fevereiro 22, 2024

At the core of your business and IT operations lies your system of record. Its health is pivotal for ensuring business continuity and success. Understanding this, Unisys is excited to announce the latest evolution in ClearPath® MCP transaction processing systems — the new ClearPath Forward® Libra series.  

Key to this launch is ClearPath Forward® Libra 8690, a standout performer clocking in at 55% faster than the previous Libra generation, ensuring your mission-critical systems keep pace with your expanding business needs. 

The ClearPath Forward Libra family of servers, encompassing the Libra 4690, 6690 and 8690 models, offers a range of solutions that enable mid- to high-performance transaction processing. The servers scale to support exceptional growth, meeting even the most demanding operational requirements. They deliver significantly improved MCP single-thread and single-system performance levels, helping to ensure optimal reliability, capacity and availability while upholding the highest levels of security. 

ClearPath Forward Libra systems offer one of the industry’s broadest range of platforms. No matter your chosen model, you’ll have a solid, fully integrated system to create and deploy ClearPath MCP applications and databases. The ClearPath Forward Libra family of servers is offered with the metered business model, so clients enjoy full system performance capabilities but only pay for the computing resources they consume. Check out these resources for details on specific features and updates:   

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