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New generation of ClearPath Forward® Dorado systems exceeds performance benchmarks

maio 1, 2024

Hold on to your mission-critical workloads; the new generation of ClearPath Forward Dorado servers is speeding up core business processes. The latest release marks the most significant generational increase in performance Unisys has ever delivered in a Dorado system.

Leading the release is the ClearPath Forward® Dorado 8690 system that is set to deliver 1,400 single-thread MIPS — a 51% increase over previous models — in addition to an 83% increase in system capacity.

But raw horsepower is just the start. This new generation translates massive MIPS into real-world performance benefits like:

  • Accelerated transaction processing to manage demand spikes
  • Fortified security for your most sensitive data and transactions
  • Increased scalability to support growth

The ClearPath Forward Dorado family of servers, encompassing Dorado 4690, 6690 and 8690 models, is known for outstanding security, resiliency and scalability that keep many organizations’ core business operations running. With this new generation, mission-critical workloads can operate lightning-fast while ensuring data integrity and protection against threats.

See these resources for details about specific features and updates:

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