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Unisys receives Genesys Innovation Award for Best Cloud Implementation

julho 14, 2023

In recognition of Unisys' commitment to revolutionizing customer experience through the power of AI and proactive resolution tools, the organization has been awarded the Genesys Innovation Award for Best Cloud Implementation. During a remarkably tight five-month migration period, Unisys successfully transitioned to Genesys Cloud CX, an all-in-one cloud contact center solution, without disrupting its exceptional service to Unisys clients. This migration, which would typically take over a year, demonstrates Unisys' ability to deliver outstanding results in a short period of time.

The implementation enabled Unisys to eliminate seven legacy platforms and migrate approximately 100 client organizations across 12 global locations. The Unisys contact center ensures comprehensive technology assistance to clients with its Next-Generation Service Desk, which offers AI-powered digital support. It also provides business process outsourcing and frontline dispatch services through Frontline Field Services. By leveraging Genesys Cloud CX, Unisys expects a lifetime savings of $2 million.

Powering AI-driven support for service efficiency

Unisys maximizes efficiency and customer satisfaction through its suite of AI-powered proactive resolution tools, utilizing data insights to prevent technology issues and streamline inquiries. By incorporating Genesys Cloud CX, Unisys boosts its Next-Generation Service Desk capabilities, leveraging AI-driven self-service for a streamlined workflow. This integration results in comprehensive technical support and exceptional customer experiences through seamless interactions across multiple channels.

Genesys’ technology empowers Unisys to address client inquiries without requiring them to wait in a queue for a live agent. Unisys teams can focus on elevating client and agent experiences by reducing the time required for system administration and support.

Unisys’ project lead, Aron Meyer, praised the collective effort of Unisys’ global team in completing this work. “We devoted many hours to ensure our clients had a hassle-free migration process,” he said. “The judges were impressed with how our team swiftly handled complex integrations, leaving our clients highly satisfied.”

Unifying technologies to enhance employee and customer experiences

The Unisys deployment of the Genesys Cloud CX platform is more than a standalone accomplishment. The initiative consolidated several systems into a single unified service. This enabled Unisys to provide seamless support through its clients' preferred channels and proactively resolve technology issues before they impact end-user productivity and experience.

To learn how Unisys can help your organization centralize and simplify your technology management to drive business growth, visit online or contact us today.