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Complying with evolving regulations for AI and machine learning and implications for the cloud

Expert insights from “Standing at the Crossroads: The Increasingly Complex Regulatory Landscape”

The cloud gives businesses fast, affordable access to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies previously only available to the largest and wealthiest tech firms. However, as explored in a webinar hosted by Unisys, “Standing at the Crossroads: The Increasingly Complex Regulatory Landscape,” deploying these technologies in a way that meets increasing security and compliance demands is no small task.

In this webinar, thought leaders from Unisys, Suzanne Taylor, Vice President, Innovation and Emerging Technologies and guest Michael Egan, Partner, Cooley LLC, discussed wide-ranging legal, ethical, and yet-to-be-defined regulatory topics with which highly regulated businesses must contend. As businesses move forward with cloud-based solutions, these topics warrant additional consideration. This paper summarizes the highlights of this discussion. See how you can keep moving forward as regulations change to achieve the compelling business outcomes made possible by digital transformation.